What is Dark Matter

Dark matter is associated with the expansion of the universe, it’s ¬†exact chemical compound is unknown but many scientists believe that it is a substance. 68% of the universe of matter and around 5% is made of stars and planets and 27% is made up of dark matter. Dark matter comes from Albert Einstein, he […]

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Message from Snolab

Expert Message: Hi Carlos, Nathan, Dark matter – as far as we know is not made of any chemical element we know. Instead it is made something entirely new that we have not been able to find or explain. That is why I and many of my colleagues all over the world are looking for […]

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Discovering Dark Matter

In this project we researched the chemical properties of Dark Matter, we consulted a few scientists that have devoted much of their time into researching these properties of dark matter. Most of them research at the Snolab, an underground laboratory specializing in research of space entities. Not much has been found out about dark matter […]

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